Teorìâ ta Metodika Fìzičnogo Vihovannâ

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Professional journal in physical education and sports.

The journal publishes manuscripts that focus on:

  • movement training theory and methodology;
  • physical education of children and teenagers;
  • sports training of children and youth;
  • physical training at school;
  • physical training in prevention and treatment of children’s and teenagers’ illnesses;
  • theory and methodology of professional training of a physical training teacher;
  • legal framework of physical training in Ukraine.

 The journal’s regular sections are:

  • “Teacher” — a journal in the journal;
  • physical training history;
  • physical training education;
  • fundamentals of sports training;
  • fundamentals of youth sports;
  • fundamentals of physical exercise technique;
  • physical training at school;
  • physical education of various population groups;
  • information and computer technologies in physical education and sports;
  • legal framework of physical training in Ukraine.

4 issues per year

State registration certificate: series KV No. 6255 as of June 21, 2002.

The journal was founded in 2000.

p-ISSN 1993-7989, e-ISSN 1993-7997



To the attention of authors and readers of the journal!


In 2017 the journal comes out every three months:

Volume 17 No. 1 — March 25 (article submission deadline: February 25);

Volume 17 No. 2 — June 25 (article submission deadline: May 25);

Volume 17 No. 3 — September 25 (article submission deadline: August 25);

Volume 17 No. 4 — December 25 (article submission deadline: November 25).

The print version of the journal is distributed by subscription (subscription index is 74667).

Please be aware that as of 2017 the journal has a new editorial policy and new manuscript submission conditions.

Manuscripts are submitted online.

Posted: 2017-01-05
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Vol 17, No 3 (2017)

Full Issue

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Table of Contents

Physical Training Education

В. М. Корягін, О. З. Блавт

Modelling and Information Technologies in Physical Education and Sports

А. Лопатьєв, М. Пітин, А. Демічковський

Physical Training at School

O. Ivashchenko
Т. Г. Абдулхалікова
В. В. Приходько