Analysis of Hand-to-Hand Combat, its Current State, Prospects for Development

Keywords: combat sports; combat training; preparedness; competition rules


The research objective is to study the current state of hand-to-hand combat and determine the prospects for its development.

Materials and methods. The researchers studied the documents on organizing and holding the competitions that took place in 2014-2016, the number and quality of their participants, coaches, hand-to-hand combat referees. The researchers analyzed training programs and competition rules of the most popular combat sports, constituent documents of public associations engaged in hand-to-hand combat development, normative documents on physical training of law enforcement agencies, the Armed Forces of Ukraine and armies of the world’s leading countries.

Results. Hand-to-hand combat is closely related to solving military tasks. Due to its ability to adapt to modern military requirements, it is included in military training programs of various law enforcement agencies, the Armed Forces of Ukraine and armies of many countries of the world. The sports type of hand-to-hand combat is the basis for shaping and improving professional and applied skills and has its peculiarities, namely combat (applied) sections included in its training program and competition rules. The analysis of regulatory documents of hand-to-hand combat competitions of different levels among adults held in Ukraine in 2014-2016 proved that the overwhelming majority of them, 65% (of the total number of competitions held among adults) are competitions among employees of various law enforcement agencies and servicepersons. The analysis of competition rules revealed the peculiarities of organizing and holding competitions in this sport, in particular the possibility to hold competitions demonstrating the techniques used in standard situations of a real combat with an enemy, with and without weapons. This provides an opportunity to control servicepersons’ and law enforcement officers’ proficiency level of the applied section.

Conclusions. The modern hand-to-hand combat is a unique sport that combines sports and applied types. Due to its peculiarities, it is currently a significant part of combat and professional training of servicepersons and law enforcement officers.


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