Modeling of Teaching 5th-7th-Grade Boys Physical Exercises

Keywords: factor experiment, modes of performing physical exercise, motor skills development, 5th-7th-grade boys


The research objective is to determine the effectiveness of orthogonal variants of teaching 5th-7th graders physical exercises.

Materials and methods. The participants in the research were boys of the 5th grade (n = 32), 6th grade (n = 40), 7th grade (n = 52). To achieve the tasks set, the research used the following methods: analysis of scientific and methodological literature; pedagogical testing, pedagogical observation, timing of educational tasks; pedagogical experiment, medical and biological research methods; methods of mathematical statistics, methods of mathematical experiment planning.

In order to achieve the objective set, the research has studied the effect of different variants of the educational process structure, namely: the number of repetitions (х1) and rest intervals (х2) when learning the technique of performing physical exercises. The research has conducted a complete factor experiment of type 22. According to the experiment plan, the 5th-7th graders were divided into training groups. In total, there were 12 experimental groups organized.

Research results. The analysis of the regression equations shows that the teaching of physical exercises to the 5th-7th-grade boys is mostly influenced by rest intervals between repetitions (х2). The number of repetitions (х1) has somewhat less influence. The interaction of these factors is insignificant when teaching physical exercises and becomes much more influential only when teaching a switch leg pull-over exercise (х1х2).

Conclusions. To increase the effectiveness of teaching 5th-7th graders physical exercises, it is necessary to shorten rest intervals between repetition to 60 s and to reduce the number of repetitions to six. When teaching boys the switch leg pull-over exercise, rest intervals should be increased to 120 s and the number of repetitions — to twelve. 



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