Peculiarities of Simulation of Biomechanical and Biological Systems

Keywords: biological and biomechanical system, gravitational field, heart rate


The objective is to combine the methods and principles of biomechanics and continuum mechanics in order to pose and solve problems that have practical application in extreme conditions.

Materials & methods: the movement of blood through large vessels was studied on the basis of the Euler and Navier-Stokes equations. Analysis of the cardiovascular system was used for the examination of the functional state of the athlete. The initial experimentally measured heart rate (HR) was determined by the Polar RC800 cardiac monitor. The resulting time series is analyzed using the software package Kubios HRV.

Results: the article proposes to consider a model describing human body as a discrete-continuous system. Using the Euler equation, a mathematical model of the movement of blood through large vessels is considered. A mathematical model of the process of pulse wave propagation in blood vessels is given. We found and interpreted  hidden periodicities relative to the numerical series occurring during analysis of biological and heart rhythms of athletes during training and competitive activities.

Conclusions: the use of methods and principles of continuum mechanics makes it possible to pose and solve the problems of mathematical physics for practical purposes. These include the movement of blood through large vessels, the issue of heat protection, and so on. The heart rate changes during the day and has a fluctuating character with certain periods. Periods of heart rate depend on the activity of a person and the time of day. Moreover, the heart rate tends to increase the amplitude and depend significantly on person’s workload.



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Lopatiev, A., Vlasov, A., & Demichkovskyi, A. (2017). Peculiarities of Simulation of Biomechanical and Biological Systems. Teorìâ Ta Metodika Fìzičnogo Vihovannâ, 17(2), 79-85.
Modelling and Information Technologies in Physical Education and Sports