Information Support of Highly-Qualified Archers’ Training

  • A. P. Vlasov Lviv State University of Physical Culture
  • M. V. Ivashko Lviv State University of Physical Culture
  • I. R. Svistelnyk Lviv State University of Physical Culture
Keywords: archers, information support, computer technologies


The objective is to ground the ways of improving the level of technical preparedness of highly-qualified archers by means of video and multimedia technologies.

Materials and methods: The research studied motor actions of 25 athletes of the national team of Ukraine in archery when they were performing training exercises indoors (exercising area) and outdoors (archery range). Each athlete’s technique of executing shooting exercises was video recorded in sequence from different angles (from above, from behind, from the front, from the left and the right sides depending on the shooting line) with a digital video camera Sony DCR-XR150E. The processing of the video materials was done with the Dartfish Connekt software package.

Results: The research grounds the need to use video and multimedia technologies in the process of training of highly-qualified archers. Such methods aim at improving the skills of both coaches and athletes by helping them better understand all aspects of the training exercises execution. Multimedia means offer a delayed-in-time opportunity to watch the video recording of the training after its preliminary computer processing. It enables the coach and the athlete to focus on the analysis of the execution of the entire exercise and its elements. The paper provides examples of the use of video technologies in archers’ training practice.

Conclusions: Prospects of the use of the state-of-the-art computer technologies in sports training are infinite. Computer software and hardware systems should be available for most coaches. The task of the latter is to learn to use and implement them for the benefit of themselves and athletes. The task of the scientific groups and experts is to find a most convenient way for the coach to use the innovative technologies. The task of the software developer is to model intellectual programs to help the coach effectively analyze and evaluate his archers or team when preparing them for the most important starts of the future.


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