Discrete-Continuous Approach and Terminology: Description of Energy-Information Interaction

Keywords: systems approach; mathematical modeling; information technology; interaction; energy; information


The objective is to study definitions that describe energy-information interactions under a discrete-continuous approach to the model of person.

Materials and methods. The research used the general scientific methodology of systems analysis. According to it, a scientific and theoretical study does not consider relatively independent components separately, but in a combination, in a system with others. A systems approach made it possible to reveal integrative, systematic features and qualitative characteristics absent in individual elements forming the system. To define the terminology that describes energy-information interactions, the research used a discrete-continuous approach. The research object was the existence of appropriate terminology that meets the requirements of modern science.

Results. The paper presents a model describing a person in the form of a discrete-continuous system, with the focus on energy aspects and information technology. Information technology systemizes knowledge representation, creates logical and computational tools for establishing regularities from primary information arrays, constructs information systems. The research clarified the following terms: infotomation is obtaining information knowledge on the layer-by-layer structure of the study object organization; information indicators are natural indicators transformed into a normalized relative form, according to the natural indicator position on the scale of its change. The form makes it possible to obtain an information evaluation of the system state by this indicator; information model is an information knowledge in a formula or algorithmic form.

Conclusions. The research studied the definitions that describe energy-information interactions for the systems of material points and continuous medium.


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Modelling and Information Technologies in Physical Education and Sports